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Motivation Weight Management

50% reduction. on  Assessment Consultation
The Assessment visit generally takes half an hour costs 25euro. Motivation are offering a 50% discount so only €12.50 to anyone with the Grovelands Childcare appreciation card.
This visit would be a private, individual one to one consultation with a weight loss adviser.  In this visit the person would get a full body analysis.  We have specialised scales which will give the client their current readings as well as a guide of a desirable range based on their gender, age and height in the following areas:
*Body Mass Index (BMI): A guide based on your height what a healthy weight should be.
*Fat Percentage: A guide based on your gender what a healthy fat percentage in the body would be.
*Metabolic age: A guide of the rate at which your body metabolises food.
*Fluid levels
In addition in the Assessment the client will also get advice on healthy eating and some tips on weight loss. They will also get to visit the clinic and see all the tools we use such as our CDs, Books and sample food plans.
Motivation is a private weight loss clinic.  The programme is designed by a Canadian doctor called Maurice Larocque.  He is a French Canadian Bariatric physician whose area of speciality is weight loss and weight management.  The programme was designed over 30 years ago and he is considered a world renowned expert in his field.  You may have seen him recently on the Late Late Show.  He is also the author of several books, CDs and he is an international speaker in the area of obesity.
They have been in operation in Ireland for over 17 years and have been in Athlone for four years and have over 110 clients who come in to see them every week.  The programme is designed to meet clients on a weekly basis and it is a private one to one appointment.
We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9a.m. to 8p.m. and Friday 9a.m. to 5p.m.  In addition, you may wish to review our website on
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