Grovelands Childcare designs its curriculum around the recommendations of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment consultative document Towards a Framework For Early Learning.

Grovelands staffs are advised to observe the child and be aware that the period from birth to six years is a time of life qualitatively different from early childhood and adulthood. It is a time of tremendous growth and development of mind, body, spirit and young children experience change at this stage at an unprecedented rate. All aspects of early learning are interconnected. At no other stage in life is this more obvious and more relevant.

Grovelands Childcare CurriculumWhile it is possible to identify different dimensions to this learning, for example social, emotional, personal, physical, sensory and motor development, cognitive linguistic, creative, aesthetic, moral and spiritual, these are intricately interwoven, influencing each other in highly complex and sophisticated ways..

Regina Bushell as the Director of Grovelands Childcare prides herself in keeping up todate with research and development which is continually taking place here in Ireland and overseas. The Curriculum in Grovelands Childcare takes on board all that is proven tried and tested and in all cases enjoyable and meets the holistic needs of the children.

The staff of Grovelands incorporates the values and structure of Montessori, Siolta, Aistear and Reggio Emilia into the daily curriculum where appropriate. We have a curriculum that is flexible, caters for the individual needs of each child and embraces the learning that occurs on a day to day basis.

There is a specific theme for each month that is followed over the twelve months of the year. Our professional staff work alongside the management team to ensure daily activities are focused around the theme. Our themes range from learning about nature, the environment, music, art, different cultures, nutrition and our numbers, letters and colours.

Our themes are also flexible and subject to change due to emerging interests which the children may communicate to us.

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