One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing childcare is how your child’s health and nutritional needs will be looked after.

At Grovelands Childcare we provide your child with healthy, nutritious, freshly prepared meals using quality and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. Our kitchen facilities are HSE approved and operated to the highest food hygiene standards. We take into consideration the various nutritional needs of your child as they develop and design our menus accordingly. Menus are varied to ensure a wide variety of nutrients and exposure of your child to a variety of tastes.

We provide morning and afternoon snack and a cooked lunch. We met the guidelines and recommendations set by the pre-school services for food and nutrition.

  • We start with healthy eating for infants
  • Offer a wide variety of food
  • Providing suitable sized portions
  • Supplying healthy food choices and tooth friendly drinks frequently
  • We accommodate special food needs of individual children
  • Plan healthy varied meals and snacks
  • Help children learn to eat
  • Foster good dental health
  • Prepare food in a clean and safe way
  • Develop a healthy eating policy

Our staff sit with the children during meal times to encourage good eating habits, table manners, social skills and a positive approach to mealtimes. The children are also encouraged to be independent at meal times and we offer the children the opportunity to serve themselves.

Every effort is made to ensure a high fibre, low sodium, low fat and low sugar content diet.

In 2015 we took part in the Healthy Ireland Smart Start Training Programme. Healthy Ireland is the new government framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Ireland over the next generation. It sets out a wide framework of actions that will be undertaken by Government Departments, public sector organisations, businesses, communities and individuals to improve health and wellbeing and reduce the risks posed to future generations. The Smart Start programme for Pre-school services builds staff knowledge and skills in order to influence children and families to develop healthy lifestyle behaviours. 

Having successfully completed the program all 4 Grovelands Childcare are now Health Promotion Childcare Services endorsed by the HSE and Healthy Ireland.  


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