At playgroup, your child will begin to become accustomed to a rich stimulating environment while they experience the excitement of learning through play.

This time is a transitional stage for your child. You will notice many changes to their development during this period. Their speech and language skills will be improving and we will encourage this through songs and rhymes and group interactions during circle time as well as one on one communication with your child.

For many children this is also the stage at which they begin toilet training. We will work closely with parents to have consistency in the home and creche routine and make this a positive experience for your child. Your child will also be thought the importance of good hygiene such a hand washing.

Playgroup is a great stage to enrol your child in preparation for their ECCE years as it enables the child to become familiar with the environment and the routines. We would always recommend for parents to start their child in playgroup for 2-3 morning per week before the become eligible for the ECCE program.

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