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Weather Update 27th Feb

Dear Parent,

As I am sure you are all aware by now we are forecast to have snow and blizzard like conditions over the coming days.

As you are all aware, we have been forewarned of this situation and we wish to advise you of the possible scenarios we have to consider over the coming days. As the weather may vary between the towns in which we operate, we will not be using the text alert system but instead using our website and Facebook to communicate any updates. The web addresses for both are as follows so please ensure that you check these daily for updates:

We know that many parents who work full-time rely on Grovelands Childcare to remain open if it is at all possible while bearing in mind that the health and safety of the children is always at the top of our priorities. With that in mind we have to consider what the options available to us are allowing for the fact that the weather alerts keep changing for different counties.

Thursday afternoon/evening is currently looking like when we will have the worst snowfall therefore possibly hampering our ability to provide a full service on Friday. We know from the last episode of snow across the midlands that we may not have a full cohort of staff as many of our staff live outside the towns where they work and may be unable to get to the centre.

We must ensure that we meet our adult:child ratio at all times in order to stay within the childcare regulations which is a legal requirement. If on Friday morning there is a large blanket of snow on the ground, we are proposing to suspend our ECCE service, amend the ECCE calendar by removing the ECCE session on Friday March 2nd and replacing it with an additional day on June 29th. This would limit the amount of staff that we would require to run the service and can provide care for those who vitally require it.

The above is our intention however if a RED weather warning is issued and childcare services are directed to close then we will have to heed those warnings and follow the direction given in the interest of everyone’s safety. In that event the service will close entirely. The decision to close the service or to reduce the services offered is never one that is taken lightly.

Should the forecast for severe snow i.e. a Red warning arise during the day on Thursday or Friday we request that you leave sufficient time to get to the centre to collect your child safely before we close the centre.

Yours Sincerely,
Regina Bushell
Managing Director

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